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Access Drive Capacity Development Foundation (ACDF) is a social enterprise with a mission to empower young people in underserved communities through strategic capacity development programmes, with the right mindset, skills, tools and opportunities needed for personal and community development. In the long run, ACDF seeks to be the foremost organisation responsible for raising a new generation of problem solvers and innovators that are fully equipped with the requisite skills, knowledge and tools needed in developing Africa’s economy. ACDF’s activities are hinged on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, as efforts are particularly centred around the provision of education for marginalised young people across Africa, thereby contributing its own quota towards SDG goal 1, which seeks to eradicate poverty by 2030.

Some of Our Highlights..

Project Upskill 500+ Educators, 50 Schools

Online Safety Training 1000+ Educators and parents

Work Placement Post Training

It’s the dawn of a new decade, and like every other entity, we had plans and objectives to be realized. However, we soon found that to attain the set goals, we would have to re-strategize and be dynamic with our approach, even more.

Despite the hit of the pandemic and the unthinkable becoming the new normal, the goal was clear – To ensure quality education is attainable in underserved communities while leveraging cutting edge digital solutions. We recorded some landmarks in the year 2020, and we’d like to share a few with you.

We are determined to front the movement of raising future giants in the tech age. Come with us as we set new paces in the years ahead.

Project Upskill

At the wake of the pandemic, we realized how tough it was for educators to quickly pivot in the face of the new normal. We provided a solution by implementing an upskill project that empowered over five hundred educators across 50 primary and secondary schools on how they can leverage technology for effective teaching.

Project Read Along

With the support of Google, we partnered with the US Consulate Carrington Youth Fellowship Education team to teach basic literacy to children in underserved communities, using Read Along App. 500 Pupils enrolled and were assigned to 50 volunteer instructors. In the course of this project, over 22000 books were opened on the app, and about 6000 books were completely read. By end of the project, parents were amazed as their children read stories without any form of assistance.

Online Safety training

More than ever, children have had to rely on the internet to access information, entertainment, socialize, even. The internet, as widely known, isn’t exactly safe, even for adults. Although, its benefits far outweighs the down sides. In partnership with Google, we sought to empower parents and teachers to impart online safety tips to children, so they can be safe and confident explorers of the internet. Over 1000 educators and parents joined our virtual online safety sessions.

Our Core Values

These core values inform our actions and supports our culture:

Inclusivity: Access drive


 We provide opportunities for children who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized.

Empowerment: Access drive


 We empower young individuals in underserved community with hope and the skills needed for a better future

Innovation: Access drive


We believe consistent innovation is important to progress

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Success Stories

Through AccessDrive Foundation’s leadership development program, i have received mentorship, skills training, and exposure to various industries. Today, I am a confident and skilled leader, actively contributing to my community and inspiring other young people to reach their full potential. ——Alex

AccessDrive Foundation provided me with entrepreneurship training, access to capital, and ongoing business support. With their assistance, I successfully launched my business, created jobs for my community, and became a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs in my area. —–Sandra

I learned computer programming through Acessdrive program and went on to develop a mobile application that addressed a local community challenge. My innovation not only improved the lives of many but also brought recognition to the community as a hub for technological advancements. —–James

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